Along the lines of the unexpected


digital drawings

dimensions variable

In Matisse’s Icarus, the artist’s scissors cut in the most unexpected way. While following the outline of the figure, the continuum of the line falls in no visual reference I can associate. It transforms from surprising to mind-boggling unexpected. In contrast to Charles Sanders Pierce’s idea of the icon where it, as a sign, stands for an object by resembling it, this continuum’s progression triggers no reference to my visual “inventory”. In this sense the act of looping around this outline has become a liberating process exploring the ultimate new, the semiologically empty event, that which has no history and hence no pre-assigned meaning.

The drawing series “Along the lines of the unexpected” is part of an ongoing project developing around the idea of the unexpected and reflecting on certain phenomenological aspects of experiences and events. Researching in this way the methods structuring memory and reference; like history, visual languages, signs, symbols etc. What is truly unexpected then seems to be only what can’t connect to the past and expectations seem to overcome the present and flood into the past only to find themselves surging onto the future again.

© 2020 Byron Kalomamas