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RELATIONS OF DOMINATION ARE, at the same time, relations of resistance. Once established, domination does not persist of its own momentum. Inasmuch as it involves the use of power to extract work, production, services, taxes against the will of the dominated, it generates considerable friction and can be sustained only by continuous efforts at reinforcement, maintenance, and adjustment. A good part of the maintenance work consists of the symbolization of domination by demonstrations and enactments of power.

︎James C.Scott, Domination and the Arts of Resistance: Hidden Transcripts, Yale University Press, 1990 

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-oh come on!

-As if you don’t know what I’m taking about!  

-You’ve been there, we’ve all been there, -blessed alternative middleclass martyrs-  

-When I know I need to do it, or you know you can’t do otherwise. As if we have to enforce it as a self-punishment for our submission.

-We all create the tension, pushed towards each other and onto one another.  

-And all these apparatuses of complication, systematically route interactions of friction and tension amongst us all.

-They make everything immaterial and unapproachable, dependent on the friction and the tension

-We’ll get to behold it, once, twice, never or forever. Obsessed with it or completely neglecting it. It has become a syndrome

-But, how much force can it take?

-How long will it take to accept the fact that we are criminal?

-To the methodically absent, routinely persistent, or occasional offenders; expect repercussions upon contact.


︎CODE OF CONTACT, connections of entangled friction

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