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Conditions, engineered


public sculpture installed at Sakiya
Ein Qiniya-Palestine

“Conditions, engineered” is the second iteration of a series of interactive public sculptures. The work mimics the aesthetics and mechanics of exercise machines but requires two users to work in tandem in order to be functional, creating this way a condition of dependency between them. Within public space, this condition instigates brief moments of unexpected closeness, hinting towards new ways of perceiving ourselves and others within it.
The title of the work speaks also to the effort behind Sakiya. An expansive project dedicated to the intersection of art, science and agriculture outside Ramallah. A sort of -conditions engineering- to sustain and cultivate new imaginaries around our relationship with land, sustainability, cultural heritage and future commons that overcome the limitations of the current political boundaries.

steel, plywood
2.5m x 2m x 0.7m

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